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Artificial Lawn and Synthetic Turf for Installation in Singapore

Create the outdoor design of your dreams with an artificial lawn.

Residential Landscape with Artificial Turf

Artificial lawn for your garden. TigerTurf Singapore designs and manufactures realistic, lush artificial grass lawns to create beautiful outdoor spaces. We offer you Artificial products that are designed with unique characteristics to suit all your landscaping requirements. These weed-free, low-maintenance lawns allow you to create restful areas that are beautiful every day. All are completely safe for pets and children. They are free of toxic heavy metals and are UV stabilised, minimising fading and keeping your grass luscious and green over time. Lasting for many years, your durable artificial grass lawn will save on the cost of water, fertiliser, and even a lawn mower – no arduous mowing is required! We also offer those who suffer from seasonal allergies the chance to relax outdoors on an allergy and pollen-free lawn! Our lawns are free of naturally prickles too. Give your garden the makeover it deserves – and get some time back in your life to enjoy it. The perfect landscape – always green, always lush – is a TigerTurf artificial lawn!


Residential Landscape


Commercial Landscape with Synthetic Turf

With an attractive synthetic lawn, you’ll be able to appease customers and create a name for your business. Synthetic lawn is extremely popular as an attractive and practical landscaping element in city and built-up environments. Businesses and councils alike benefit from having green lawns amidst the concrete jungle. TigerTurf synthetic turf is an innovative solution that prioritises presentation and cost control are premium considerations. Useful in areas that are difficult to access such as traffic islands or central reservations, where you would prefer a natural appearance, even in the middle of the city; but when maintenance and water supply are restricted. Artificial lawn is an attractive and quiet option for internal areas such as concourses and atriums, meeting and greeting areas. Sensible for childcare centres, parks community and playgrounds – any high-use areas where safety considerations are essential and low maintenance surfaces are useful. Synthetic turf is perfect for housing developers where section sizes are smaller and low-maintenance gardens required. Transform your outdoor spaces and gardens into miniature green areas of tranquillity and relaxation. Excellent for creating distinctive settings to showcase your products and company, simulating the outdoor environment and offering the high durability needed to withstand high levels of foot traffic.


Commercial Landscape

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