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Is a synthetic grass lawn what I need?
Only if you want more leisure time, a pristine yard and a surface your kids can play on all year. Sure, you might miss the smell of new-mown grass but you’ll soon become a TigerTurf convert – saying goodbye to mowing, watering, weeding, re-seeding and unhealthy spraying.  

Just think; no more mud wallow in winter, “dead” areas in the shade or bare patches in summer. And no more guilty conscience when you’re using your weekends for what you really want to do – just perfect lawn every day of the year.

What is the installation cost of TigerTurf landscape at home?
Site inspections are required to provide an installation quotation due to sub-surface and site conditions. As a guideline, the most basic installations, those where the foundation is ready for installation of the grass, cost around US$15 per square meter. Professional installations, where removal of existing grass and levelling and compacting of the surface is required, cost between US$20 and US$25 per square meter. Calculate your area in square meters, length x width, and multiply by the $ rate factor. Our qualified installers will be able to give you an accurate quotation for the installation of your TigerTurf lawn.

Will the grass fade?
No. We use a proven, technologically advanced UV coating to ensure each blade of grass retains its colour for the life of the system. This coating is effective in all climates and is not affected by use.

How do I install TigerTurf grass?
Installation of a perfect synthetic grass is naturally dependent on the quality of workmanship during all stages of the process. We recommend that TigerTurf be installed by our qualified installers to ensure the best result. 

Is landscape turf safe?
Yes. Our grass is based on the highest quality yarns of TenCate specifically designed and developed for landscape applications. The grass yarns have a natural soft touch, which ensures pleasant use, and have passed the most stringent safety and environment standards, including those for toys. In addition, all coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, passing all ASTM and IPEMA requirements for use by children, animals and the environment.

What goes underneath the grass?
The synthetic grass must be laid on a suitable base - often similar to a paving base. For natural soil grounds this can be a constructed or prepared base that allows drainage and which ensures the grass is laid flat and looks natural and great. For hard concrete like surfaces we recommended using the TenCate Sine® shock and drain pad to ensure safety, comfort and extended lifetime of the surface. The installed grass can be 'in-filled' with sand or sand and rubber for the most natural look and to secure the grass remains in place.

Why is infill important?
Once the grass had been installed, it should then be in-filled with the correct specification and quantity of sand and/or rubber. The infill is recommended because it provides weight to secure the carpet and helps provide support to the grass fibres thereby improving performance in wear and visual appearance of the lawn. Surfaces that have long pile (+25mm) that claim to require no infill have proven over many years to have limited life cycle.

How can I clean the grass?
You can use water to rinse off dirt from the grass.  

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