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Six Reasons Why Homeowners are Turning to Artificial Grass

Many harbour hopes of spending long evenings and sunny weekends on their very own perfect green lawn. Interestingly, we’re seeing a growing number of homeowners turn to an artificial grass installation in a bid to breathe a new lease of life into their garden. But why are more and more people embracing artificial? Allow us to explain.

1. Doing it for the kids
Families with young children are often faced with the challenge of allowing them to play outside with assurances that the environment is as safe as possible. For parents, artificial grass ticks all the right boxes by being safe for kids to play on, durable enough for active families who love spending time outdoors, and suitable for use all year round

2. The best bet for pets
For those with pets, the benefits of artificial grass for dogs – or cats for that matter – are second to none. Those well-trodden paths can be easily maintained with a light, frequent brush to avoid flattening and if the worst should happen, hosing down will keep the surface clean.

3. Helping the elderly
Given Singapore's ageing population, we’re finding increasing numbers of elderly homeowners who want a garden they can enjoy without the hassle of mowing or weeding on a regular basis. With artificial grass requiring less maintenance than a natural grass garden, it can certainly act as a great alternative as far as upkeep is concerned.

4. Saving time
Modern lifestyles are busy, and while the demands of work and hectic social lives may leave less time for gardening, people still want to enjoy a green outdoor space at home. An artificial lawn is a great way of ensuring the garden is lush and neat all year round, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden rather than spending it on maintenance and gardening.

5. Apartments and flats
In a country where land is a scarcity, having an outdoor garden with a luscious lawn can be a luxury. Artificial grass is proving hugely popular for those who want a spot of greenery in their apartments, whether a balcony or within their homes itself.

6. Buy once, buy well
Artificial grass might be easier to buy than ever before, but savvy homeowners have realised that it’s far better to opt for quality and therefore longevity rather than simply accepting a short-term cost saving when buying a cheaper product. Choosing an excellent product from reputable manufacturer like TigerTurf ensures you can receive helpful, timely customer service not just during the sales and installation period but throughout the lifetime of the artificial grass itself.

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