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Different Things to Consider When Choosing Choosing Artificial Grass for Landscape Purposes

Artificial grass is an increasingly popular way for homeowners to enjoy a lush lawn without the need for constant upkeep, but people can often be surprised to learn that not all artificial grass is the same. Of course, each person’s needs are unique, and luckily the different types of turf available mean there will always be a surface to match yours. Here’s what to bear in mind when deciding which artificial grass is best.

Lengthy discussions

The main difference between artificial grass surfaces is the pile height. This determines how long your grass is and it isn’t something that can be changed, so whichever decision you make will be one you have to stick to for the lifecycle of the turf.

Largely, turf can be split into two categories of long and short, and both have their benefits. Longer yarn will give the turf a more luscious look and feel, perfect for those summer days sunbathing in the garden; whereas a turf made with shorter yarn can replicate the neater look of a well-manicured lawn.

Different pile heights can also lend themselves better to different sports if you have an active family, or the artificial grass is being used for a play area in a school. However, if the surface is to be used extensively for sports, it is advisable to discuss your requirements in detail with us, as they may suggest a sports turf rather than a landscape turf for your project.

Hard and fast rules

It’s worth considering what your artificial grass lawn will be predominantly used for, and how often it will be used and the foot traffic it experiences, as the different types of yarn that are used to make artificial grass mean that each surface will be suited to different applications. The most energetic families, such as those with pets and children, should look for a denser surface with more durable yarns.


Perhaps surprisingly, not all artificial grass products will be the same colour. From field green to olive; each surface is designed using different colour combinations. For example, our Panorama product is field and olive green with brown in colour, giving you the choice of a darker and more natural look whereas our Sierra product is made of field green, lime green and brown yarns to provide a brighter and more lively looking surface.

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